'I found this group a wonderful source of comfort, advice and friendship. I first came along when my twins were a few weeks old. I have made lifelong friends and have thoroughly enjoyed attending the group for the past 4 years.'   
Heather, Mum to Benjamin and Thomas (now aged four)

'I first ventured out of the house when my twins were six weeks old and initially was grateful just to have a hot cup of tea made for me! Since then I have found being able to laugh and joke about some of the trials of being a Mum to twins has been hugely helpful.  I've made some amazing friends through the group, fellow Mums who understand what it is like to run around after two demanding infants.  If i'm honest, during that first year I often found myself googling 'When does it get easier with twins?' and never found anything to make me feel better - twins group was a place to come where I could relax a bit and be accepted as everyone else there 'Got it!".   It is hard  - yet also hugely rewarding.   Coming to twins group has given me confidence and made me realise that it is normal to have challenging days.  My twins love the craft activity and playing with all the toys on offer. It's a great group'  Becky, Mum to Poppy and Caspar (now aged two)

'Having twins is like joining an exclusive group. Sometimes it is very hard but of course you can't help feel so special and lucky to be part of it. The truth is, only other twin parents know what it is like to be in that exclusive group and what joy it is to hold two gorgeous new bundles of joy at once but also only they can fully understand the struggles you are having. I've had loads of support from our online community but going to twins club every week has kept me sane in the first three years of twin mum life and the other mums there have become great friends. Not only does it get you out of the house every week, you know that it is good for you and the babes to get some time out of the house in an environment where you don't have to worry about them escaping, hurting themselves or about you being judged by singleton mums at other toddler groups or play areas where, let's face it we've all been there, make you feel like you can't cope and don't bother to offer a helping hand either. North Bristol Twins Club isn't necessarily for the babies...it's a time for us too! 

Help, advice, friendship, laughter, nice cup of tea or coffee, snacks for the kids, stimulating environment where they can let off steam or when they are babies just absorb the noises and colours around them (or sleep in their car seats!) and spacious, easy parking (a must for me!). All these things have kept me coming since mine were about 3 months old and I would wholeheartedly recommended making North Bristol Twins Club in Bradley Stoke from 10am-12pm (turn up whenever) part of your weekly routine whenever you can. Enjoy being part of the twin mum club, we're in it together!'
Katie, Mum to Aaron and James (now aged three)